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The TNT pedal is based on the preamp found in the classic Fender M80 amplifier from the late 1980s and 1990s. 




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Master Effects - TNT - #Fender #M80 Preamp in a box

Master Effects - TNT - #Fender #M80 Preamp in a box

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The pedal uses a standard boss-style 9V power supply. There is internal circuitry to generate a ±15V power supply, just like the original amplifiers used.

Controls include: Volume, Presence, Contour, and Gain. The presence controls allows you to adjust the high end bite of the pedal.  The contour control is a variable midrange control allowing you to go from a boosted mid tone to a scooped mid tone with the twist of a knob.


Each pedal uses a professionally assembled PCB and is proudly assembled by hand in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Other features include:

  -  True bypass

  -  Alpha 16mm potentiometers

  -  Lumberg power connector

  -  Professional high quality FR4 PCB

  -  Powdercoated enclosure

  -  UV Printed artwork

The end result is high quality pedals that sound amazing, are consistent from pedal-to-pedal.

Each pedal comes with a 1 year warranty on parts and labour. Note that the warranty does not cover damage due to using an improper power supply or other misuse. 

The price is $199US + shipping.

Shipping within Canada and the US is $20US.  Shipping to the UK, Western Europe, Australia, and Japan is approximately $60US.  For other regions, please inquire for shipping rates.

For US customers, note that you do not have to pay any import duties or tariffs.

For customers outside of North America, please note that you will be responsible for any customs/import/VAT charges that your country levies on the pedal. 

Thank you and stay safe!

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