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Manta Ray Bass Preamp

The classic 2-band and 3-band preamps based on the circuits found in the EBMM Stingray basses.  These are faithful reproductions of the original circuits using modern components and manufacturing processes to ensure that the pedal delivers the classic tone and punch while keeping noise to a minimum.

manta ray 3.JPG
mantaray 3-band 1.JPG


Each pedal is assembled by hand in Calgary, Alberta, Canada using name brand name components.

We use:

Relay True Bypass switching

Vimex stomp switch

125B die cast aluminum enclosures

Professional high quality FR4 PCB

The end result is high quality pedals that sound amazing, are consistent from pedal-to-pedal.

Each pedal comes with a 1 year warranty on parts and labour.

The 2-Band Model is $125 USD.

The 3-Band Model is $129 USD.

Shipping to the United States and Canada is $20US.. Shipping to the UK, Western Europe, Australia, and Japan is approximately $60US.  For other regions, please inquire for shipping rates.

For US customers, note that you should not have to pay any import duties.

For customers outside of North America, please note that you will be responsible for any customs/import/VAT charges that your country levies on the pedal.  We will not under-declare the value of the pedal.



You will receive a confirmation email with your order information (if you don't see it, check your junk mail for "POWr") and an email from Canada Post with your tracking number when your pedal ships. the tracking information will also be added to the original PayPal transaction.

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