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Custom Options

Have an idea for a cusom pedal?


Want to give some flair to your pedalboard?


Want your band name on a pedal?


We love custom work!  We love working with you to make the designs in your head become reality!


Custom enclosure colours, sizes, artwork, etching.. you name it!


Give us a shout and bounce your ideas off us and see if it's something that we can do for you!


We can do:

  • Custom powdercoating

  • Custom colours

  • Swirl finishing

  • Custom artwork

  • Acid etched aluminum enclosures

  • Laser etched aluminum enclosures

  • Custom switching (diodes, etc)

  • Clickless true bypass relay switching

  • High quality buffered bypass on almost any pedal

  • Loopers

  • Amp switches

  • Kill/Stutter switches

  • More!

My Tone Starts with

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