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The Golden Ratio is based on the vintage EHX Clone Theory Analog Chorus/Vibrato/Flanger.


The classic EHX Clone Theory Chorus/Vibrato/Flanger with Xvive MN3007 re-issue BBD but brought to the 21st century.  Now shrunk down to a 125B sized enclosure with top mount jacks!

Low noise, volume, edge switch, and improved power section using only a boss-style 9V power adapter.

The volume control is a transparent boost/cut control at the output of the Golden Ratio chorus.  It allows you to increase the output volume to help compensate for the volume drop that modulation pedals are known for.


The heart of the Golden Ratio is a vintage Clone Theory circuit.  We have added back the edge switch that was originally on the pedal which brings some of the high end bite back into the signal.  Along with this we have the vibro-flange switch to run the pedal in flanger mode or in vibrato/chorus mode.


The Vibe/Chorus control is only active when the flange switch is in the vibe/chorus mode.  It blends from 100% vibrato to 100% chorus.


The rate and depth controls are the usual controls for the LFO in any chorus pedal.


A great deal of time and effort has been spent on the PCB layout and the power section in order to minimize the noise that BBD-based analog chorus pedals are notorious for. 


This pedal faithfully recreates the tone of the original clone theory.


Bassists who are chasing after the Peter Hook tone need this pedal along with our Transmission Bass Preamp to get his tone.

Each pedal uses a professionally assembled PCB and is proudly assembled by hand in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


Other features include:

  -  Soft touch relay true bypass

  -  Professional high quality FR4 PCB

  -  Powdercoated enclosure

  -  UV Printed artwork

The end result is high quality pedals that sound amazing, are consistent from pedal-to-pedal.

Each pedal comes with a 1 year warranty on parts and labour. Note that the warranty does not cover damage due to using an improper power supply or other misuse. 

The price is $275US + shipping.

Shipping within Canada and the US is $20US.  Shipping to the UK, Western Europe, Australia, and Japan is approximately $60US.  For other regions, please inquire for shipping rates.

For US customers, note that you do not have to pay any import duties or tariffs.

For customers outside of North America, please note that you will be responsible for any customs/import/VAT charges that your country levies on the pedal. 

Thank you and stay safe!

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