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Distortion, Boosts, Overdrives, and Fuzzes

Ever feel lke you're just missing that bit of chime in your clean tone?  Does your amp turn into a flubby mess when you turn the gain up too high?  Do you just wish that there was a "More" switch on your amp?


An overdrive pedal or a clean boost might be just the thing that will bring your tone from "this sounds pretty good" to "HOLY #%@ THIS IS AMAZING".  At Master Effects we believe that having amazing tone inspires us all to play more and that's what it's all about, right?

Our flagship distortion pedal is the Samurai Distortion.  It is a highly versatile distortion pedal that works for all styles of guitar players.  The deceptively simple control layout allows the player to easily dial in great tones without having to constantly go back to check the manual.

The toggle switch gives you three clipping options, each with it's own distinct character: from a compressed, saturated classic tube-like distortion to an open, modern sounding distortion.


We also offer several different overdrive and clean boost options ranging from a klon-type clean boost/overdrive to the Game of Tones, which is based on vintage TC Electronic Integrated Preamplifier.


We've taken these classic designs and improved on them to enhance your tone and make it your own


The Custom Shop can work with whatever idea you have and make it a reality!.  Email us to start designing your own pedal today!

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