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Bass Pedals

If you're a bass player, you know EXACTLY what we're talking about.  You hear everyone raving about the latest and greatest pedal, but when you plug your bass in... there's no bass!  The EQ is completely useless and non-functional.


In working with several local bassists (I consider myself a guitarist who plays bass - translation, i'm not that good at it), we've got several pedals that are geared towards bass players to make them sound even better and take up more sonic space, all without making their tone suffer!

We brought the on-board preamps from some legendary basses into a pedal format - EBMM style 2- and 3-band preamps and Yamaha BB1200-style circuits that are faithful to the originals.  The Transmission bass preamp is currently on tour with Jack Bates of the Smashing Pumpkins.

We've also made some reproductions of vintage and discontinued pedals like the Ampeg Scrambler, but made them better!  On-board boost for greater than unity gain! We've also done some hard to find (read: expensive) overdrives like the Blueberry Bass OD, but built it to original specs, not like some of the other clones out there.


Email us to start designing your own pedal today!

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