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Preamp Simulators

Who doesn't want a room full of high end amplifiers at their fingertips?  Unfortunately for most of us this is both not practical both in terms of space and money.


We've managed to take the preamp circuitry found in many high end tube amps and shrink them down in a pedalboard friendly size!


All of our preamp simulators run off of a standard Boss-style 9V power adaptor.  They all feature the latest technology JFET to ensure that there are no fake or out of spec transistors showing up in your pedal!  We always use the highest quality components so you get the best tone.


All of these pedals include custom colour graphics and knob styles/colour in case you want something personalized.  Etched enclosures and clickless relay true bypass are also available as upgrades.


Some of the pedals that we offer are modelled after some (in)famous amps including:  Mesa Dual Rectifier, Mesa Mark IIC+,  Diezel VH4, Marshall JCM800, Marshall Super Lead 100, Carvin Legacy, Bogner Ecstacy, Bogner Uberschall, Soldano SLO100, and many more.


Email us to start designing your own pedal today!

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