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The Martyr by Master Effects captures the essence of the classic Marshall Valvestate 8100 amplifier from the 1990s and puts it on your pedal board.


No more carrying around a massive, heavy, and unreliable 25+ year old amp to get those classic tones from Chuck Schuldiner of Death, Messuggah, Static-X, Prong, ZZ Top and others.


This pedal uses a 9V DC supply like a voodoo labs, one spot, dunlop DC brick, boss psa, etc ONLY.  Using a power supply more than 9V or an AC adapter will void the warranty.  There is circuitry inside the pedal that will boost the voltage that the pedal runs at to ±15V to give lots of headroom, just like the original amp.


The toggle switch lets you go between OD1 (low gain) and OD2 (high gain) modes.


The contour control allows you to fine tune the mid frequencies depending on the guitar, speaker, and amp that you're playing through.


Check out the demo videos:


Keith Merrow:

Gord Olson:

Arnold Plays Guitar:

Jason Frankhouser (killertonetexas):




  • Warranty and Returns

    All pedals have a transferable lifetime warranty on parts and labor (excluding shipping costs)  If your pedal has any issues please contact us and we may be able to diagnose and correct the problem before sending it back.

    The warranty does not apply to any pedals that have been deliberately destroyed, modified, or misued .  Translation:  a pedal that has been powered with an 18v adapter when the pedal clearly states 9V DC only is not covered under warranty. Similarly, if you spill a beverage on your pedal and it shorts out some internal components, that would not be covered. 

    All sales ae final unless the pedal is received damaged.  If so, it will be up to Master Effects to determine if the pedal will be repaired or replaced.

    All of our pedals are built without batteries for environmental reasons and require a 9VDC negative tip power supply. Recommended power supplies include Vodoo Labs Pedal Power, Dunlop DC Brick, and 1-Spot power supplies. Noises, hums and/or other unexpected sounds may occur and certain functions may not work as intended if an unregulated supply is used.
    NOTE: please do NOT try to use higher voltages unless the pedal specifies it. Even though these pedals have over-voltage protection, there is still a chance that the pedal may be damaged and the warranty voided.

    Shipping and Turnaround
    All pedals are shipped via Canada Post unless otherwise requested. US Ordered are shipped as "Tracked Packet" and are usually delivered in 10 business days.  Canadian orders are shipped viaXpresspost.  International is usually shipped via Canada Post/EMS unless otherwise specified.   In stock pedals are usually shipped within 1-3 business days.

    PLEASE NOTE: International orders may be subject to import taxes and fees and customers will be responsible for any and all of these charges.   For US customers, you will not have to pay any extra duties or taxes as these pedals a covered under our Free Trade Agreement.


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