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Guitar and Bass Amplifiers

Lunchbox amplifiers have been trending for several years now, however most of them are one trick ponies:  single channel or only 1-5 watts.

Based on the success of our preamp simulators, we've taken the preamp circuitry found these pedals and coupled it with a Class D solid state power amp and thrown in some other things like channel switching and and effects loop and put it in a tiny package that weighs less than a few pounds that you can easily mount on your pedal board or on top of a speaker cab!!

Class D power amps are very power efficient, meaning they don't generate a lot of heat. They also work with a variety of speaker impedances (4-16 ohms) and have a variety of power outputs (60-100 watts) and have a very flat EQ response.  Because of this, they sounds great at bedroom levels and also at band levels!


Power requirements are a single 24V DC laptop-style power supply or an optional AC power supply.


These amps are available in a pedalboard mounted format or head-style format.

The preamp circuits available include:  Mesa Dual Rectifier, Mesa Mark IIC+,  Diezel VH4, Marshall JCM800, Marshall Super Lead 100, Carvin Legacy, Bogner Ecstacy, Bogner Uberschall, Soldano SLO100, Roland JC-120, Ampeg SVT, and many more.

Email us to start designing your own amplifier today!

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