All Tube-based pedals are built to order and usually have a lead time of 3-4 weeks.

The Thespian is based on the preamp found in the Fender Dual Showman and Alembic F-2B valve preamps. It uses a 12AU7 preamp tube with a 280V plate voltage to give your tone that extra dimension. It add punch, clarity, and dynamics to your tone. Hammond 1590XX enclosure.  $349.


The classic vintage Marshall JCM800 master volume preamp in a pedal. Two 12AX7 vacuum tubes running at almost 300V plate voltage gives you that authentic Marshall tone. Hammond 1590X enclosure. $449.

marsha800 guts.JPG

Marsha 59.  Litterally a Marshall Plexi in Box!  2-valve preamp pedal that uses the vintage plexi circuit that defined rock and roll and puts it on your pedalboard!  Hammond 1590D enclosure.   $449.


Baba Yaga Preamp. Baba Yaga loosely translates to Boogieman.  This 3-valve preamp pedal takes it's inspiration from the legendary Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ with 5-band graphic EQ  yet it fits on your pedalboard!  Hammond 1590F enclosure.   $699

babayaga guts.JPG