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he Thespian is based on the preamp found in the Fender Dual Showman and Alembic F-2B valve preamps. It uses a 12AU7 preamp tube with a 280V plate voltage to give your tone that extra dimension. It add punch, clarity, and dynamics to your tone.


It uses an SMPS to boost a 9-12VDC/500mA signal to 280V. A standard 2.1mm (Boss style) power adapter is required (NOT included).


A standard pedal power supply may be used as long as it can provide 500mA.


The valve is safely enclosed in a 1590XX enclosure to protect it from the perils of the road (and gig bag).

These pedals are typically built to order and can take 3-4 weeks to assemble and ship.

Thespian Valve Preamp

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