The Valknut Distortion.  High gain distortion pedal with a powerful 2-band active Baxandall EQ to dial in the perfect heavy tone.  Hammond 1590B enclosure. $175.


The Witcher distortion pedal is based on the infamous Steel Panther Pussy Melter distortion pedal. It is a high gain distortion with a simple control layout: Gain, Volume, Low, and High pots with a "more" switch to add in a LED clipping stage to give even more gain. 1590B enclosures. $200.


Klone of the original buffered overdrive pedal that was blessed with unicorn dust (based off the silver edition).  Uses NOS Russian germanium diodes to get that unicorn vibe and also has the option of using LED or MOSFETs as the clipping diodes. 125B enclosures. $200.


Recreation of the famous T.C. Electronic Integrated Preamplifier.  This pedal features a 33V charge pump running off a standard 9V power supply to give incredible amounts of headroom. Great for getting that sparkle from your guitar or boosting an already dirty amp into sonic bliss! Hammond 1590BB enclosure. $200.